Recone True Stone

This beautiful material is the most realistic imitation stone on the market today. It is available in full size Blocks, cut slabs, shaped Handles and Inlays. Recon Stone is produced from approximately 85% natural stone ore. The ore is pigmented, compressed into blocks and impregnated with approximately 15% acrylic gem resin. We offer Recon Stone slabs in Many Diffrent sizes.
  • Made In India 
  • 100% Original Stone Handles

Available Sizes

  • 3/8″x1-1/2″x6″ – (152x38x10mm)
  • 3/8″x1-1/2″x5″ – (127x38x10mm)
  • 1/4″x1-1/2″x5″ – (127x38x6.35mm)
  • 1/4″x1-1/4″x4-1/2″ – (115x32x6.35mm)

Recone stone Malachite Scale

Recone Stone Dark Denim Lopics Scale

Recone Stone Brown Spiney Scale

Recone Stone Yellow Josper Scale

Recone Stone White Web On Midnight Green Scale

Recone Stone Yellow Out Black Scale

Recone Stone Red with White Tornado Scale

Recone Stone Black Mountain Cloud Scale