horn folder

Buffalo black horn and brown horn and natural blond horn folders are hand made from water buffalo in INDIA, which produce a thin flexible tool. They are used for scoring and folding paper as well as burnishing. The carved folders represent simple elegant Indian designs, each unique and beautifully carved by hand in India.

Horn Creaser Large

Size: 6″x3/4″ inch(in mm 150mm x 20mm)

Horn Folder Long Pointed

Size: 7 inch long (175 mm long)

One Pointed Black Horn Folder

Size: 6″ x 3/4″ inch (in mm 150×20 mm)

Deluxe Horn Creaser Large

Size: 6-1/4′ x7/8″inch(160×20 mm)

Mild Bow Shapes Longer Horn Creaser

Size: 6-1/4″x7/8″ inch (in mm 160 mm x 22mm)

Camel Brown Horn Folder

Size: 6-7″ x 3/4″ inch (150-175 mm x 20 mm)