Dyed Bone Folder

Dyed bone folder (Bone Creaser, Bone Spatula & Bone Binding Tool) is the perfect addition to any tool collection, but especially for crafters who want to perfect their symmetry in paper projects. And while it’s the go-to for scoring, creasing, and smoothing paper, it’s handy for a few other functions like curling paper ribbons in gift packing, making embellishments in quilling and paper flower making, smoothing out air bubbles in decoupage, pressing down self-adhesive appliques (which, after a long crafter noon, your hands will thank you).
  • Made In India
  • 100% Original Bone Folder

Available Sizes

  • 4” x 5/16” ( 102 mm x 16 mm)
  • 5” x ¾” (125 mm x 19 mm)
  • 5-/2” x 5/16” (140 mm x 16 mm)
  • 6” x ¾” (150 mm x 19 mm)
  • 7” x 7/8” (178 mm x 22 mm)
  • 8” x 1” (200 mm x 25.5 mm)
  • 9” x 1” (225 mm x 25.5 mm)

All Sizes Are Available As Per Requirement 

Black Dyed Bone Folder

Deep Violet Dyed Bone Folder

Coral Dyed Bone Folder

Blue Dyed Bone folder

Orange With White Dyed Bone Folder

Dark Brown Dyed Bone Folder

Purple With White Dyed Bone Folder

Wood Brown Dyed Bone Folder

Grey With White Shade Dyed Bone Folder

Sky Blue Dyed Bone Folder

Navy Blue with Purple Shade Dyed Bone Folder

Both Curved Green Bone folder with Black Spots

Both Curved Red Bone Folder With Black Spots

Hot Meganta Pink Bone Folder with Light Copper Spots

Long Point end Green Bone Folder with Black Spots

Long Point end Yellow Bone Folder with Black Spots